Hi, my name is Kaśka Paluch and I am a musicologist by education. I deal with field recordings, sound design and sound production, also video post-production. I created the first ever sound map of Iceland: Noise From Iceland.

Sound design

If you need a recording and / or sound preparation for a specific project or for your company – this is the right address.

Music production

I produce short musical forms such as an intro for podcasts or logo presentations.


I run classes in schools on sound recording and post-production. Classes can be held on-site or online, in Polish, English and Icelandic.

Field recordings

I am doing a collection of field recordings, currently mainly from Iceland, because I am creating the first sound map of this island in history. You can find it at If you are interested in the library of sounds: rivers, waterfalls, Icelandic animals (e.g. puffins), the sound of a volcanic eruption or flowing lava – contact us.

Sound design

NagI record and prepare sounds for specific projects or products. They are used, among others during art exhibitions or in therapy offices. presentations, logos and longer music forms. Below you will find examples of my work.

TV, radio, live streams

I deal with sound recording and post-production for radio, film, television and advertising materials, as well as sound system support in live broadcasts from concerts and conferences. That includes as well a video post-production.

Selected works: